Cosniwa v1.0

Cosniwa's example timing results

Cosniwa v1.0 is realeased!
Cosniwa is a tool for profiling Python, C++, and GNU Octave code using timestamps.

Cosniwa is available for Linux and Mac: zipped , tarball .

Full documentation for Cosniwa is available here.

Cosniwa Tutorial is ready!.

Why did I write Cosniwa?
Because I was not happy with available Python + C++ profiling tools.

Once I was developing a machine learning application with ~20 different class definitions and ~2000 generated objects. Even though I was testing my code on a powerful laptop, soon I was hit by performance problems.

Most of my code was written in Python, with some modules implemented in C++.
I needed a Python + C++ tool which would help me identifying bottlenecks in an easy way.
IDENTIFY bottlenecks, not measure them with Swiss precision.

So I wrote Cosniwa .

Afterwards, I added a GNU Octave port for Cosniwa.