Jacek Pierzchlewski, PhD

Software and electronics engineer.
Jacek Pierzchlewski
Blog: http://www.speedupcode.com
Github: www.github.com/jacekpierzchlewski
Email: jacek (_a t_) pierzchlewski dot c o m

Skype: pierzchlewski.jacek
Twitter: JPierzchlewski
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Geo location: Australia
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The most interesting problems and the most promising discoveries can be found where few fields of engineering science meet. I like to work on innovative solutions which require a mix of information technology, electronics engineering, applied mathematics and more. I love mind-challenging problems, both old and new -- the harder, the better.

Welcome to my website!

I am a freelancer with experience in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering. For the last couple of years I worked with programming and signal&data processing of many kinds at Aalborg University, Denmark .

I left academia in 2016 and decided to pursue my career as a software developer. Coding makes me happy - I am fluent in many programming languages. You can find some of my code in Github page and on my blog.

But most importantly - I am an engineer with strong analytical skills.

Best Regards